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Commissioned Illustration Offer - Short/Easy

Just want to add something here. I am a professional illustrator and never grant perpetual rights to anyone unless they are paying a hefty fee. That is how we make a living, selling usage of our images. The more usage a client wants the higher the fee. Just know that you can and should be more specific in your contract as to what a client can and cannot do with your image, for example, non-exclusive North American rights for 60 days, print only. It is also good to spell out what happens if a client kills a commission. For example, 25% of fee if killed in the sketch stage, 50% of fee if killed in the color comp stage, 100% if killed when artwork has been completed. I am saying this just in case a young illustrator happens upon this contract without knowing they can have more control over the use their images. Thanks!

Posted 5 years ago