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Commissioned Illustration Offer - Short/Easy

Thinking of anyone who might stumble upon this page, here are some links that should clear up any confusion or misstatements found here. U.S. Copyright Law, clearly stating that creators of visual content own all rights upon creation: Solid advice on pricing and negotiations: A good resource to develop your own contracts: A general good resource on this and other related topics:

Posted 4 years ago 

Commissioned Illustration Offer - Short/Easy

Thank you for sharing your contract, but I'm not sure I'd agree this is pro artist. In illustration, we license specific rights relative to the fees we receive. A contract should not turn over all rights in perpetuity as a standard matter of course. It should include an area where the rights transferred are specified in terms of format (editorial, web, apparel, packaging, POP, or whatever) time (1 year, 2 years, etc.) and geographic usage (just U.S. or worldwide?). The more rights the client wants, the higher the fee that should be charged. As a matter of law, artists retain all rights not expressly transferred, but it doesn't hurt to restate it in the contract. There's a lot more to it, but that's the quick version. I'm worried that a young illustrator would see this contract and use it without knowing any better, so I felt compelled to add this comment. I certainly don't mean to sully the positive sense of sharing here on Docracy.

Posted 5 years ago