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Non-Disclosure Agreement - July 12, 2014


This is an NDA for technology companies.

Last changed 8 years ago.

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Founders' Agreement Template

Thank you Zeke, I think one of my concerns is to prematurely hand out stakes in the company and then to find out that the division of labor and responsibilities doesn't match the initial division of shares. Say for example we divide 50/50 but at the time we're ready to convert into a corporation it is more like 30/40/30? Or similar. I think my greatest concern is to get "locked in" with founders contractually, or maybe I'm not reading the contract right.

Posted 8 years ago 

Founders' Agreement Template

I'd like it to have some language that converts the initial partnership into a corporate structure upon "formation" something that carries the partnership into a business entity. Either triggered by a 3rd party investment or when the company begins to earn revenue.

Posted 8 years ago 

Founders' Agreement Template - With Vesting

If you read the part about resignation you'll see that in effect when a partner voluntarily leaves the agreement is null and void.

Posted 8 years ago