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Commissioned Illustration Offer - Short/Easy

OMG I'm so confused now, I'm about to develop a serie of 35 illustrations for an international client who's very worried about confidentiality, so he asked me to sign an agreement and I want to do the same by sending a contract with dates, fees, responsabilities and rights. My client keeps asking is at the ending he will be the owner so I thought that it was correct, I will only be allowed to keep it in my portfolio, but after reading this I'm not very sure since he mentioned to have a printed version of his illustrated story and in the future is planing to have an interactive one. He's not from an editorial, but a person who's looking to publish the fairy tales with his funds (mentioned kickstarted as a way to make it happen). So I'm not very sure how to manage this situation, he seems to be one of this clients who requires lots of details and have "a lot of comments", the first problem is that he's in UK and I'm in Mexico and I don't find any agreement online with such specifications. So, my concerns are: *Under which region should I specify the laws for the agreement? *Should I specify the media to use my art work? *printed *interactive *How can I define the number of corrections allowed to tle client since he seems to be one of those who have a lot to describe? *What about the royalties? if he's the author of the book and pretends to publish it *Is it correct that he'll be the owner fot the art works at the end of the project? *Can I keep the originals of the art and selling postals in a future? Thabk you very much, I will appreciate your comments.

Posted 4 years ago