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Commissioned Illustration Offer - Short/Easy

"As a person who pays for commissioned work... If I pay you for the work, I own the results of that work." -Vonshavingcream That statement is true only if you and the artist agree to it in writing. Anyone that creates a piece of work will hold the rights to the creation. Most people never pay to own the full rights of the work. By saying you own the work an artist makes, it means that the artist would not be allowed to sell future copies of the piece they created. (lets say that the artist retains scans and digital copies of the work) So if I make someone a really cool drawing, I retain the right to sell prints of my work in the future. You would not see any money from my prints selling because you do not own rights to the work. If you are trying to get an artist to make an illustration for a series of shirts or posters, the artist will still retain the rights to use that work elsewhere so long as it doesn't conflict with your license. You pay for the license to use the work on a shirt or poster for X amount of time. You could propose a buy out, which is what most companies/clients want. The only issue with a buy out is that no artist would ever sell their work with full rights for $250, that is simply too low. Any upstart illustrators should now that a full buy out should always be avoided unless the client is offering a stupidly large amount of money that would cover your for your potential losses. Most people don't understand how the art industry works, even in the fine art world, buying an original painting doesn't mean you purchase the rights to the work. I'f I create an oil painting and you buy the original for $4500 I still retain the right to sell digital copies to a calendar company to generate revenue. You as the purchaser of the original will not see any of that money, because you did not create the painting. "'I will pay you $250 to draw a picture of my boat.' You draw the picture and I pay you .. I own it all the rights and liabilities that come along with it." -Vonshavingcream The same is true with a boat painting/drawing. I retain the rights to take copies of this boat picture and sell to make additional profit, unless you tell me, "Nope, I plan to sell copies of this boat paiting to calendars.com to make some money." Then I say, "Well if you plan to make money off the painting, I'll have to up my charge from $640 to $4500" This will cover the loss of revenue I had expected to make. You'll note that I did not type out the "$250" If I take 16 hours (2 working days) to get you a spectacular boat illustration then I expect to make $40 per hour for the job. I expect to make $40/hr because I'm a trained artist and probably have a degree in art that I earned from a college or university. I expect that my time and effort studying and developing my skills has earned me the ability to charge at the very least $40 an hour.

Posted 4 years ago