The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a popular type of business entity in the United States.

While each individual state has its own rules on the formation and operation of LLCs, there are four main common requirements to form one.

(1) Choose a business name: must be different from any existing LLC, must indicate that it is an LLC, and must follow wording requirements)

(2) File the Articles of Organization: likely with the Secretary of State, but may vary depending on individual state requirements

(3) Create an Operating Agreement: while not required in every state, an OA is highly recommended -especially for multi-member LLCs- because it provides some organizational structure to the LLC). An LLC operating agreement will be tailored to how you want your LLC to be managed (by the members, by a single member, or by appointed managers).

(4) Announce the business to the public (some states, such as NY, require a published statement in a local newspaper announcing your LLC formation)

Anyone can file the necessary paperwork for LLC formation; conferring with an attorney, however, is always a good idea. There are also some companies that offer registration services, both for the initial filings and to act as a registered agent. Every LLC must have a registered agent; these registered agents are your LLC's designated receivers of official mail and service of process.

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