Notice of Shutdown

Due to increasing costs and declining ad revenues, we have decided to begin an orderly shutdown of the Docracy service. This will proceed in several steps and allow plenty of time for you to get your documents out of the system. Please see below for details.

How do I download my documents?

All of your documents can be downloaded by going to Export Documents. The system will create a zip file of all your private, public and signed documents and email you when it's ready for download.

What are the key dates for the shutdown?

We will no longer allow the sending of documents for signing as of April 30 2018. No new documents will be allowed to be created as of May 1 2018. The final shutdown date of the entire service is currently scheduled for July 1 2018.

Other details

Even if you choose not to download your documents, please remember that a copy of each signed document has been emailed to all parties at the conclusion of each signing. So a copy of every document signing you have completed with Docracy is already in your email.

Docracy has been an amazing experiment in public, open source law for almost 7 years now. Thank you for participating and we hope you found the service useful.