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In the email thread, I told him that I don't really have an attraction to men, which is why I don't consider myself to be gay, but I do have an attraction to being made to feel sexually inferior by a man. I then elaborated on this by telling him I get turned on when I think about being forcefully taken and used for another man's sexual pleasure. He seemed to be interested in these things that I shared with him. He told me that he wanted to establish a mutual understanding between the two of us. He wanted to come to an arrangement that would benefit the both of us. In order to do this, he said that he'd be interested in helping my explore some of my kinks, but in return he wanted to take charge. This meant that he wanted me to tell him all about my sexual fantasies and desires. He wanted to know what turned me on, what I jerked off to, what I have experience doing, and what I think I might enjoy. From here, he said that he'd use this information to formulate a plan for what our first encounter would include.