Big data has revolutionized decision making across a variety of industries. However until now, it has been too difficult to extract meaning from the messy world of documents and written text.

Docracy is bringing techniques used to analyze genomic information to legal text. Designed to deal with massive quantities of messy data, these tools can provide powerful and actionable insights.

Finding Similar Genes

Different species can be surprisingly similar on a genetic level. Years of research has been done to allow researchers to find similar genes in huge databases of genetic code. The key, and the difficulty, is finding things that are “almost” the same.

Major Advances

The fundamental technology we’re developing has wide ranging uses and implications:

  • Document Library Insights

    Automatically compare a new contract against every contract you have ever seen. Highlight regions of novel text for increased scrutiny.

  • Summarize Document Versions

    See all the different versions of a document inside your organization in one color coded summary. We combine and summarize important changes happening over time, and across different users of a document. Ensure old versions of a contract aren’t still being used, and that important clauses aren’t being dropped during negotiation.

  • Determine Compliance and Risks

    See comparable clauses from large standard databases provided by the SEC and USPTO. Automatically determine whether you are missing critical language or are including non-standard phrasing.

Beta Program

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