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  • makeup artist contract

    Requested 6 days ago

    bridal contract, hair and makeup contract, normal application makeup contract. Thank you!!

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  • UK China NNN

    Requested 12 days ago

    Including all changes to be signed by both parties Any disclosure to partners, subcontractors, associates and affiliates of other companies in order to work with us All written and oral communications including mobile phone apps, WhatsApp, etc Alibaba etc to be treated as confidential even if not titled so Chinese courts to be governing law

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  • Songwriter and composer agreemrnt contract

    Requested 26 days ago

    I needed to use songwriter and composer for 2 years contract

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  • Preliminary default hearing request for Divorce

    Requested 27 days ago
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  • Restaurant with food delivery app contract

    Requested 29 days ago

    I am looking for a contract to be done between a restaurant and food delivery app service. the agreement should be talking about percentage that I would choose to take monthly from the restaurant. the restaurant has the right to show its menu on my food delivery app as long as he we have agreement.

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  • Petition

    Requested 1 month ago

    Petition to the Legal practitioner's disciplinary committee

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  • Privacy statement and terms and conditions for app

    Requested 1 month ago

    We are developing an app that connects business and clients. What would you charge to write the above?

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