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  • work for hire for producer tracks/ exclusive use

    Requested 2 days ago

    buu tracks as work for hire from a producer

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  • Demand For Arbitration for Unisured Motorist

    Requested 3 days ago

    Meet statute of limitation requirements in CA by sending a demand for arbitration to my insurance company

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  • Asset Purchase Agreement

    Requested 12 days ago

    Hello Just looking for an APA which will cover taking on another companies client base, existing leads, and web domain redirects to our company. No tangible assets will exchange hands The agreement needs to refer to transition/hand over period where 12 account need to be handed over. Thanks in advance Ollie

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  • the alkubelense contract

    Requested 19 days ago

    Can u pliz send me the two contracts so that i can sign in

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  • Copy of id of parent

    Requested 28 days ago

    I need a copy of my lost mother as home affairs requested for my daugthers id application

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  • Doc for final settlement on sale of home

    Requested 29 days ago

    This doc is needed in an upcoming separation. Home was sold, Funds are being dispersed . We need doc stating the receipt of funds.

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  • SubK Agmt allowing 100% pass thru of rate adjustmt

    Requested 1 month ago

    In case of increase (or decrease) to certain Consultant's rate, need sample language for a 100% pass-through of change amount from Prime to Consultant, penny for penny (rather than normal % split of change as between subcontractor and consultant.

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  • Texas Series LLC Operating Agreement

    Requested 2 months ago

    I need a template for a company agreement / operating agreement for a Texas Series LLC that can account for each individual series having a different set of members than the main LLC.

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