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  • SAFE:SimpleAgreementForFutureEquity_w_disc&cap

    Requested 8 hours ago


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  • Career Coaching Agreemen

    Requested 4 days ago

    Hi, I would love career coaching agreement between myself as a coach and client. I practice in the UK under UK law. Thank you

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  • Life story rights

    Requested 13 days ago

    This is for a book, a biography I'm writing about a living individual

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  • make my document public

    Requested 18 days ago

    Hello. I uploaded the document and I want to make it public for viewing. When I change the settings, the changes are not saved. Why is that?

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  • Agreement between me (publisher) and client.

    Requested 1 month ago

    I need the above please for , proofreading, getting the book Press-ready and assigning an ISBN Nr for the book as well as registering, (in other cases also translating), binding & printing, & publishing his book, and it must be applicable to South Africa.I thank you in advance!

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