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  • exlusiverights of ownershiptomusicbeats/songs

    Requested 7 hours ago

    all tracks/beats have been paid for in recording session or given within physical contact or communications but are not final master versions

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  • Retainer agreement for PR/marketing consultant

    Requested 1 day ago

    I would prefer something not too lengthy or complicated.

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  • Website Software Project Plan

    Requested 8 days ago

    A project plan describes the project, details about the project as proposed by the client in which I do a consultation and ask questions on the project plan related to the project. Questions include goals of project. What you would like to see happen with project. How do we drive business. Describe your idea of a look, feel and layout.

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  • Packers and Movers Noida

    Requested 10 days ago

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  • Health Coaching Client agreement

    Requested 11 days ago

    Hello - I am a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach and I wondered if there was anyone similar on here that had designed something similar before? Thanks

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  • Rida Ghazali Event Photography Contract

    Requested 13 days ago

    I am trying to find the document that Rida has sent me and cannot find it. Please help.

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  • Social Media Agreement

    Requested 13 days ago

    In need of an agreement for client to use their social media accounts and post on their behalf.

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