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  • A letter regarding issues involving other tenants

    Requested 4 days ago

    I have been searching online every where to find an appropriate way to address the on going harrasment that I have been receiving from a tenant that lives in my building (who used to be the former landlord, who had tried twice to evict us and lost both times; which is why I feel she has a grudge against us) and now she is stirring up trouble by going around asking other tenants in our building saying negative things about us in hopes of trying to make another attempt to have us evicted with the new manager. I was hoping that there was some sort of form that I could send to both her and the new landlord explaining what she has been up to and how it has to stop immediately. Seeing as it is a form of harassment what she's been doing; such as spying on us, and talking about us to other tenants in a negative manner. If you do have such a form please send it to my email ASAP, many thanks for your time Sincerely Bree

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  • Release

    Requested 20 days ago

    To use a third party's life story

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  • Article of association for non for profit

    Requested 23 days ago
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  • Wegwijzer, ISBN 9789085067221

    Requested 26 days ago

    Full title: Wegwijzer, Voorbereiding op het KNM-examen Author: Jenny van der Toorn ISBN 9789085067221

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  • Computer Build Contract

    Requested 28 days ago

    This contract will be for submitting to a person or company tasked with building a computer. This could be helpful for the design industry as the PC''s used are not your run-of-mill type and are a lot more specialised. It would be great to have a section in the contract for the agreed computer spec be writtrn down.

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