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6 Nov 20, 2015 Missing space 846
5 Nov 20, 2015 Updating fields and some cleanup 121
4 Oct 16, 2015 Formatting 189
3 Oct 15, 2015 Typos and a bunch of other things 122
2 Oct 15, 2015 finishing matches to previous contract (18 years, confidential specificity) 134
1 Oct 15, 2015 In progress changes for typos and updating my fork to match the latest updates. I don't know why the age clause was removed, and I assume it was for a good reason, but it's retained in this version since the downside risk is small. I included a little bit of the confidentiality language from the previous version. Also not in this version is a (1) representation that the Contractor's content belongs to the Contractor prior to delivery, (2) provision that applies if the work is done by a California resident, that the work for hire is replaced by assignment, (3) disclaiming Company's responsibility for general Contractor expenses, (4) termination without cause clause. 184