Change Summary

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5 Apr 11, 2012 Added disclaimers regarding third party affiliates and disclaimers regarding data and related accuracies. 2401
4 Mar 11, 2012 Removed blank paragraph. 173
3 Mar 11, 2012 Missing space in Section 3 header 120
2 Mar 11, 2012 Missed some references to Docracy; spelling of infringement in the heading the that section was incorrect (NOT MINE!), and a missing space in one of the list elements. 143
1 Mar 11, 2012 Branching to create the terms of service for a brand new site. Changes will be made as relevant to our particular site. Changed some references from Docracy to, and some to "the Website". Updated Section 3 and changed ...access to some features... to ...access to some or all features.... Added references to providing a username. Changed example of a strong password (which was meh.) to describe what the password should include. References to privacy policy have been removed (but will eventually be added back). Removed reference to SSL. Other various changes related to the site. 130