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7 Jul 11, 2016 prolbme with indentation 1569
6 Jul 11, 2016 had to change the spacing on signing page so both signature fall on same page 174
5 Jul 11, 2016 made changes to the schedules. to cater more to dentists. such as goodwill and removing Inventory. Our supply costs are minimal. It is our equipment costs that run heavy which is why I replaced inventory with equipment. also defined the intangible asset of goodwill. As of now this is the final version. This will serve as the base foundation contract. This contract is simple clear and fullfill what I believe the basics. It covers the assets to the purchased. has the noncompete clause, and shows that both parties are cognizant of what is going down. Any other versions that want to include leases or other more clarifying subjects should be branched off to new documents such as a more detailed restrictive convenant. This is the final version what i believe for this document. The existing dental contracts have too much legal mumbo jumbo. I think the attorneys do that on purpose to make it seems like their contracts are worth the thousands you pay for them. 152
4 Jul 11, 2016 Just took out the owner part of the signature portion. 191
3 Jul 10, 2016 Currently modifying still. Saving changes. I need to get lunch soon. 205
2 Jul 10, 2016 This document is a branch stemming from Brian Roger's simple asset purchase agreement. His elegantly designed contract has been modified specifically for a dental practice acquisition. This contract will enable dentists to transact directly with their peers and eliminate 3rd parties. 171
1 Jul 10, 2016 This document is a Bran 180

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Dental Practice Purchase Agreement - May 24, 2019 May 24, 2019 1