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3 May 25, 2016 Created a field for change of state for choice of law. Removed reference to the "Nondisclosure Agreement." 564
2 Jan 7, 2016 Replaced the term "Intern" in the first paragraph with "Recipient." 201
1 Dec 3, 2015 change "agree to assign" to "will assign and do hereby assign" on the basis of the Supreme Court's decision in Stanford v. Roche (2011). This should give greater rights to IP, particularly patentable inventions, to the employer than the former language. Moreover, the new language appears to have greater protective effect against the employee subsequently assigning patentable inventions (and possibly other IP) to other parties, even if those inventions were created under the current employer. 156

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Short IP Assignment Agreement for Startup (post-Roche) - September 08, 2020 Sep 8, 2020 26
The NETWORk* Member/User Agreement; Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement Sep 9, 2019 49