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4 Sep 9, 2016 - fixed formatting nits 781
3 Sep 8, 2016 - Fixed founder contact fields that were not linked properly - Fixed founder name fields that were not linked properly - Added ownership line for Founder N 153
2 Sep 8, 2016 - Simplified/Combined "Initial Capital" and "Additional Capital Contributions" clauses to remove the need to specify the exact initial capital contribution by each Founder. Differences in initial capital contributions can be reflected in the ownership interests of the respective founders. 149
1 Aug 30, 2016 Removed the following sections in an effort to simplify and leave up to discussion matters that will can be figured out along the way: - Expenses and Budgeting - Tax Matters - Under Third-Party Offer to Invest, removed the following sentences: "Any Founder who receives an offer from any party to invest in the Company will notify the other Founders of the same, and provide each Founder an opportunity to participate meaningfully in the negotiations surrounding the potential investment in the Company. The Founders will use their best efforts to obtain terms that are no less favorable to any Founder than those outlined in the term sheet attached as Exhibit A hereto." 173

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Founders' Agreement Template - With Vesting and Only Two Founders Sep 8, 2016 1213