Updated May 2012

ZEDO, Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of online consumers. This notice explains our online technology and information collection practices.

Privacy Compliance

ZEDO does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) from users. ZEDO adheres to the privacy guidelines created by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Information Collection

ZEDO is a technology service provider: when you see an Internet ad ‘Powered by ZEDO’, the Web site you are visiting has asked ZEDO to act as an agent for ad delivery and reporting. The website may be one of the following: a ZEDO customer; serving ads from one of ZEDO’s Ad Network customers; or serving ads from the ZEDO Ad Network itself. The information ZEDO processes on a customer’s behalf belongs to that customer and is only used by ZEDO to customize ad serving for that customer. This usage is governed by our Terms and Conditions with our customers and by this privacy policy.

ZEDO collects anonymous information through the use of cookies and pixel tags, which are industry standard technologies used by many major Web sites. No personally identifiable information is collected or used in this process.


Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer: A cookie file simply contains a string of alphanumeric characters, which is passed from a Web site to your computer and back to the Web site, unchanged, for recognition purposes. Web sites use cookies to recognize a computer that has previously visited the site or page. Cookies are often miscategorized as ‘Spyware’, or as a virus or other malicious program. A cookie itself cannot do anything except help a Web site behave in a manner customized to you.

ZEDO uses cookies to enhance the Web experience by preventing users from seeing the same Internet ad over and over again. ZEDO does not use cookies to personally identify you in any way, and these cookies cannot damage your system or files.

You can tell your browser to accept or reject cookies for all sites, or for specific sites; but remember, rejecting cookies may affect the way your favorite sites behave.

Pixel Tags

To make certain that ads served by ZEDO, Inc. are targeted correctly, partner Web sites in the ZEDO network place pixel tags on their sites. These tags are not personally identifiable, nor do they collect personal information. They are used to match visitor browsing behavior to a segment profile designated for targeting ads to visitors.

Data Collected

ZEDO collects only anonymous, non-personally identifiable information. When you are on one of our customer’s Web sites (including advertisers and Web site owners), the Web site uses cookies to collect certain non-personal information about you, including but not limited to: your browser type (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.); operating system (Windows, Macintosh, etc.); your browsing behavior, such as the date and time you visit the site, the content areas or pages of the site you visit (for example, ‘auto section’ or ‘entertainment section’), ads clicked on and other click-stream data. None of this data contains personal information about you.

ZEDO does not collect data of any sensitive nature, including precise information about past, present or potential future health or medical conditions or treatments, including genetic, genomic, and family medical history.

Usage of Data

ZEDO enables its customers to use the anonymous information it collects to customize the advertisements that consumers see on participating Web sites and to analyze if the advertising resulted in a desired action, such as a sale. This is sometimes referred to as Online Preference Marketing (OPM) or Behavioral Targeting. In order to serve appropriate ads to visitors, ZEDO will temporarily assemble non-personal behavioral and technical information to create very large audience segments. These segments represent data that has been aggregated into large anonymous groupings.

ZEDO does not allow its customers to create or use targeting segments of any sensitive nature, including precise information about past, present or potential future health or medical conditions or treatments, including genetic, genomic, and family medical history. In some cases, customers may create targeting segments for non-sensitive categories, such as diet, fitness, beauty, etc.

Anonymous data from third parties may be combined with the anonymous data collected by our partners in order to tailor the advertisements you see.

Data Storage and Lifetime

ZEDO stores all anonymous, non PII data in user cookies and not on any servers. Reasonable measures are taken to obscure and protect the anonymous data stored in cookies, however, as cookies are a component of individual internet browsers, cookie security is ultimately managed by the browser. These cookies have a lifetime of one year from your last visit or exposure and can be blocked or deleted by users using the methods described on our Opt Out page. Click here to read more about opting out.

Disclosure of Information

ZEDO does not provide any personal information to marketers when you interact with or view a targeted ad. The user information that we collect to create segments and profile information for our service is shared with our contracted customers and not with any other outside party. At the same time, our advertiser customers cannot correlate or merge any network segment information that they may collect, process or store in connection with their site, including such personal information except in compliance with the applicable customer contracts and such customer’s privacy policy. PII may be utilized by advertiser customers at a later time, as part of their customer relationship management (CRM) programs, for example.

Opting Out

If you do not want to store this information in your browser, you can easily deny, or opt out of, cookies. There is more than one way to opt out of cookies: manually delete your cookies by following the instructions contained in the “Help” section of your browser; or, go to our Opt Out page and click the “Opt Out Now” button provided. We will no longer deliver ads targeted to your preferences and usage patterns.

The ZEDO Opt-out Tool is cookie-based. In order for the Tool to work on your computer, your browser must be set to accept third party cookies. If you buy a new computer, change web browsers or delete this cookie, you will need to perform the opt-out task again.

The NAI provides a mechanism to opt out of its member networks here. http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp

Changes to this Privacy Policy

ZEDO, Inc. reserves the right to modify this privacy statement at any time, so please review it frequently. If we make a change to this policy that would result in a materially more permissive use of Preference Data that was collected before the effective date of the update, we will obtain prior affirmative consent from affected users before implementing the change.

Contact ZEDO

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