Hello everybody! 

Good news for our animal-loving customers out there! Following discussions regarding the fur industry, and after hearing from our customers and members of the public about the issue, Zappos.com has officially become fur-friendly! 

We consider a fur item to be anything made of or containing (e.g. on the trim of an item) the actual fur of an animal. This does not include fleece (e.g. wool or shearling products) or skin (e.g. leather or calf-hair leather). It also, of course, does not include faux (fake) fur. 

The Zappos.com website is now completely free of all products containing animals' fur, and Zappos.com is committed to staying that way. Thank you all for your feedback and participation in the Zappos Family Core Value #6: Build Open & Honest Relationships With Communication. 


Aaron Magness

Business Development

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