Privacy Policy Update

We're updating our privacy policy in the next few weeks - below you will find our updated policy, and here is the current policy. We've tried to streamline the policy and make it even easier to read and find the information you are looking for. Our commitment to protecting your privacy hasn't changed. We want you to know that we value you as our customer and we hope our updated privacy policy makes it easier for you to understand how AT&T works to keep your information safe.

We also want to point out two new programs to help us and other businesses serve you better:

The first program will make reports available to businesses. These will contain anonymous information about groups of customers, such as how they collectively use our products and services. For example, they might tell a retailer about the number of wireless devices in or near their store by time of day, together with anonymous information about those device users' collective age or gender.

The second program will use local geography as a factor in delivering online and mobile ads to the people who might find them most useful. For instance, if you happen to live in an area where people like going to the movies, you may get ads for movie theaters. This doesn't mean you'll get more ads, it just means that the ads you get from AT&T may be more suited to your interests.

(We're sending an email or letter to the customers whose information might be used for these programs - if you want to learn more about the programs, you can see a copy of that message here.)

You have choices about these and other programs, and we encourage you to review those choices.

We also want to hear your comments and questions - you can provide feedback on our updated policy here.

Our privacy commitments

Our privacy commitments are fundamental to the way we do business every day. These apply to everyone who has a relationship with us - including customers (wireless, Internet, digital TV, and telephone) and Web site visitors.