VIA FACSIMILE 360-664-8781

Corporations Division

Office of the Secretary of State

PO Box 40234

Olympia, WA 98504-0234

Re: Expedited Filing of Articles of Incorporation of [CompanyName]

Dear Corporations Division:

Enclosed please find two copies of the above-referenced document for expedited filing with your office, together with payment instructions. I would appreciate it if you could mail the file-stamped originals to me at the above address.

Thank you for your assistance. Please call me at [FilerPhone]if you have any questions with regard to this filing.



For Office Use Only

Response # ____________________

Reference # ____________________


Failure to complete this form in its entirety will result in rejection of the documents submitted for filing.

Date: [DocumentDate]


Corporations Division

Office of the Secretary of State

Faxed To:



Company Name: [COMPANYNAME]

Return Mailing Address: [FilerName]


Requested Service: Expedited filing

Payment Information: MasterCard or VISA only

Credit Card Number: ____________________

Credit Card Expiration Date: _______________________

Cardholder Name: ____________________________

Authorized Cardholder Signature: _____________________________


Authorized Amount:$200 ($180 filing fee plus $20 expedited service fee)

Note: Please remember, in addition to the regulatory or filing fee charged, a $20.00 expedited fax filing fee must be included in the total payment amount authorized.

Contact Name: [FilerName]

Contact Phone: [FilerPhone]

All documents received via facsimile filing are subject to a 48-hour processing time. Any questions regarding facsimile filing should be directed to either 360-753-7115 or 360-753-7120.