I was always dying of envy (the good one) when I saw fruit juices and green juices in blogs that I follow and in recipe books and healthy eating books that I have read, so now that I have a new juice extractor, I am ready to go. Smoke.

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Although the best way to eat fruit is whole, smoothies and juices are an excellent alternative for those who have trouble eating fruit.

I wouldn't say I liked it until a few years ago, and I ate it out of obligation, but since I take care of my diet and especially since I discovered green smoothies, I am addicted.

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This detox juice is very cleansing due to its ingredients (apple, pineapple, lemon and spinach), and it is also vibrant. I was surprised by its flavour because other green juices that I had tried were more vital; I suppose that with so much fruit, it tastes sweeter.

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I recommend that you do experiments with your combinations of fruits and vegetables. However, it is beneficial to follow recipes step by step; anyway, the most important thing is to take action and enjoy a delicious and healthy 100% natural drink.

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BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Juice Extractor

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Detox Juice

This detox juice is very cleansing and is incredibly rich. It is effortless to prepare, and it is an ideal way to eat fruit, especially if you do not like it very much.

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  1. Chop the fruits and place them little by little in the juice extractor.
  2. Add the spinach.
  3. You can have the juice as is, although I like to strain it better.


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