This is a mutual agreement between two parties: <party / person #1> and <party / person #2> on date <date of sign>. This agreement is limited to the usage and payment for the dedicated server shared between these two parties and to help facilitate communication.

1) Description

Both parties agree starting on this day that they will be sharing the usage of a dedicated server located at <location>. The server has the IP(s) of <block>. It is on rent from the provider <provider> in <location>.

2) Payment

The total cost of the dedicated server is <total> and the cost is agreed to be split accordingly: <party / person #1> agrees to pay the amount of <$monthly #1> per month and <party / person #2> agrees to pay the amount of <$monthly #2> per month to <provider>. <The amounts will be payed separately to the provider per our agreement with them / the amounts will be payed to <party #1 / party #2> who will then pay the provider with those funds / the amounts will be deposited in a mutual <paypal / bank> account which will then be used to pay the provider>. Both parties are permitted to negotiate special circumstances between each other per month. If a party is unable to make his/her payment this month, he/she agrees to notify the other party at least one week in advance except in extenuating circumstances, such as hospitilization, asylum admission, or a life altering event.

3) Usage of Resources


4) Privacy and NDA

Both parties agree to follow the terms set forth by the NDAs between them. Additionally, both parties agree to respect each others privacy by not doing any of the following EXCEPT when it is required to fix a problem that is impeding server operation or they have obtained permission: