Acknowledging the importance of khata and the distinction between A
and B khata When it comes to real estate, you must exercise extreme
caution. Whether you're taking out a house loan or paying cash, you'll
want to double-check all of the documentation associated with the
property you're buying. property owners in Bengaluru, Karnataka,
require an additional, vital document anytime they engage in any type
of property transaction to verify that their property is lawful.

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What exactly is Khata?
Almost every Indian knows the word 'Katha.' The word Khata means
'account' in English, but in the context of property and property-related
activities in Bengaluru, it refers to a legal document that acknowledges
a certain property. It is a document that contains important
information about property ownership. When buying or selling a home
in Bengaluru, residents must have this legal revenue document.

What is Khata made up of?
Khata is a legally binding document that is provided to property owners
and contains information such as the property's size, area, and location,
as well as whether the property is residential or commercial. The
system was created to assist property owners in filing and paying
property taxes, and these facts are provided when taxes are paid. The
Khata document also aids in the acquisition of trade and building
permits, among other things. 1bhk flat in mumbai, It's also useful when
applying for loans and credit cards from banks, non-bank financial
institutions, and housing finance firms. Khata is maintained and
managed by the BBMP.

What is the distinction among an A Khata and a B Khata?
Let's look at the distinctions between Khata A and Khata B now that we
know what Khata is. As previously stated, the idea of Khata was
established in Bengaluru in 2007 to simplify the collection of property
taxes. To overhaul this tax collecting method, the Khata A idea was
established. Khata A was the first register in Bengaluru that recorded all
completely legal properties. The BBMP also kept a separate record,
known as Khata B, that included all semi-legal and unlawful properties.
Let's have a look at Khata A and B.

What exactly is Khata A?
BBMP implemented Khata A to simplify property tax collection in
Bengaluru. Individuals with Khata A documents can apply for trade and
building permits, as well as take out housing loans. Khata A document
that effectively says that you have legal ownership of something. It also
simplifies the procedure of any subsequent financial transactions
involving the property.

What specifically is Khata B?
Despite the fact that the property owner may have paid civic fees, the
BBMP maintains a separate record identifying unlawful properties that
have ownership in Bengaluru. Residential Flat in Mumbai, The BBMP can
collect property taxes from unlawfully constructed structures thanks to
Khata B. It also contains, among other things, properties that are in
violation of specific regulations, unapproved layouts and building on
revenue property, and properties that lack issue or completion
certificates. If the property owners pay all property taxes, Khata B
properties can be upgraded to Khata A properties.
The list consists of the documentation you'll need to transform your B
khata property to an A khata properties:
ξSale deed
ξTitle deed
ξBlueprint showing property’s location
ξBlueprint showing property’s dimensions and other specifications
ξProof of any improvement charges paid
ξOccupancy certificate

The Significant Distinctions Between Khata A and Khata B
Characteristics Are Highlighted:-
Even if the property owner has the correct ownership paperwork, Khata
A homes are regarded lawful, but Khata B properties are deemed
Property owners in Khata A can easily transfer ownership or sale their
homes, however buying a home, property owners in Khata B may not be
able to do so.

Trade permits are available to Khata A property owners, but not to
Khata B property owners.
Property owners in Khata A can apply for construction licences and
extend their homes, however property owners in Khata B are

Khata's Attributes And Advantages:-
Khata is currently exclusively applicable to Bengaluru inhabitants in
Karnataka. It has the following qualities and benefits:
Khata assists the property owner in determining the value of the
Khata offers all pertinent information about the property, including its
kind, size, location, area, flat/house number, floor number, and date of

Khata also assists property owners in obtaining trade permits and
obtaining loans. Property tax filing and payment are made simple with
Khata A. Khata also assists in obtaining power and water connections.
Finally, property tax collection was a big headache for municipal
officials prior to the adoption of the Khata idea, because the tax was
collected by three distinct agencies.

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