This is the first legal agreement for The Inner Circle's investment room, run by Timothy Selph. This document serves as a contract holding the offering party, (who will hereon be referred to as Timothy Selph), to everything discussed in this agreement. This document in specific handles the orchestration of the upcoming Android, iOS, and Flash game. This game will hereby be referred to as "Suit & Tie".

Refund Terms.

By signing this document, you acknowledge that you have already invested a minimum of $100 in to the project. You agree to only be refunded in the following cases:

1. It has been over 135 calendar days since you (the investor), have sent money to Timothy Selph, (the offering party), via Google Wallet or Dwolla.

2. The investment project was cancelled at any time.

You also agree to receive your FULL refund in the form of a check, wire, or Google Wallet payment in the event of a refund, within 35 days MAXIMUM of when the request is received.

I, Timothy Selph, (the offering party), agree to and acknowledge my responsibility to refund all investors their money in the case of either of the two points mentioned above in bold.

Revenue Share.

You, (the investor), acknowledge and understand that for every $100 you, (the investor), send to Timothy Selph, (the offering party), you are entitled to 0.5% gross revenue from "the game" (Suit & Tie).

You, (the investor), acknowledge and understand that each month's revenue share will be paid to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, at the same time of the day each time.

You, (the investor), acknowledge that you are responsible for any and all taxes to be paid in your State or Country that pertain to or have anything to do with your investment AND revenue share withdrawals/payments.

I, Timothy Selph, (the offering party), acknowledge that I have presented the information to you as stated above.

Room for Additions

You, (the investor), acknowledge that any changes in this documentation will only carry over when you, (the investor), and I, (the offering party), have signed the new document. Therefore, if any additions or reparations are made, you, (the investor), and I, (Timothy Selph, the offering party), will still be bound to this agreement until the new document is signed by BOTH parties.

I, Timothy Selph, (the offering party), acknowledge that I am bound to this legal agreement until the mutual signing of a more updated agreement has taken place.