Services agreement

"_____" __________________ 20 __.

_________________________________________________________________ on the one hand

(Full name the individual, hereinafter referred to as "Customer")

and ________________________________________________________________с other party

(Full name the contractor, hereinafter referred to as "Contractor")

signed this agreement as follows:


1. The customer receives, and the Contractor assumes order fulfillment on information service on writing of individual work (Application No. 1)


(paper, course, thesis, college essay writing help)

in volume and on the conditions established by this agreement.

2. The customer is obliged to pay these services.

3. The cost of the rendered services is: ________________________ rub.

4. Services are paid upon receiving work. Receiving and payment of work as the Customer confirms consent with the work content.

5. This agreement validity period one month from the date of his signing by the parties.

6. The customer has the right to refuse execution of this agreement at a payment term to the Contractor of the expenses which are actually incurred by him.

7. Guarantees and obligations:

a) warranty period on free adjustments makes 1 month from the moment of receiving work for theses and 2 weeks for all other work types.

b) if the work performed by the Contractor does not conform to the requirements specified at the conclusion of this agreement, amendments are introduced in work free of charge and during no more than 7 working days.

c) The originality of work is checked and provided on official system, with a reference point of 80%, but not less than 70%. This percent is admission regulation to protection of works in Higher education institutions.

e) the customer is obliged to study the work performed by the Contractor in the specified terms of the signed agreement.

e) the contractor is obliged to hold detailed consultation on the performed work.

g) completion after the expiration of a warranty period is carried out in the form of the separate order.

h) if the written work was not protected, but work at the same time met all requirements of the customer, the paid amount does not return. i) in case of lack of training of the student or the incorrect relation of the teacher the Contractor removes from himself all powers under the agreement.

j) the contractor does not bear responsibility for failures in work of e-mail, a banking system and also for leak and loss of information transferred through open channels.

k) the contractor does not bear responsibility for the content of information, data and the Customer's materials.

l) the contractor and the Customer do not bear damage liability, caused to the third party owing to illegal dissemination of any information, data and materials electronically with use of network of the Contractor.

8. The agreement is made in duplicate, on one for each of the parties.

Contractor ____________________ Customer _________________________

W. S.

The application to the services agreement No. 1.

The order of work means acceptance of the following conditions.

1. Work is made to order.

It means that this work with nobody and was given earlier anywhere, in the corresponding type it is not represented anywhere in collections of works on the Internet and on disks. At the same time, sources of writing of works are by default open sources.

1.1. Theoretical sections of works are written on the basis of already published books, textbooks, monographs, publications and so forth, published in any available printing, electronic, audiovisual source. References are in case of need specified.

1.2. Analytical and practical parts of works (if are necessary) are written on materials of the customer or on our own materials. If work on our materials is ordered, it is necessary to stipulate their possible range. The designer "any material" assumes freedom of creativity and is not subject to further claims.

1.3. On all questions, concerning work, communication happens by phone or e-mail.

1.4 The provided written conclusion on the question interesting the Customer in the format specified by the Customer or the written or oral consultation rendered to the Customer, the help is result of rendering by the Contractor Uslugi to the Customer (including, in the form of tutoring). Results of the rendered services cannot be used by the Customer as ready works for the purposes of their providing in educational institutions as ready business solutions for commercial use. Results of rendering services are the source of information and materials containing value judgment of the Contractor on the question posed, and as a result, are the additional tool for the Customer in the solution of the tasks set for him, including, are method of training of the Customer for their independent accomplishment. Results of rendering services can be used as samples for the subsequent independent accomplishment by the Customer of an objective or as a loan source in admissible limits. The exclusive rights to results of rendering services belong to the Customer, at that moment as authorship of the contractor is inaliennable and cannot be hidden. The customer confirms present that he will not use results of the rendered services, for the purposes of assignment to himself authorships, and will not issue them for own work and results of own creative activity.

2. Essential working conditions.

2.1 Work content. Work is written on the plan provided by the customer, on mutually approved plan or according to the plan at our discretion. This moment makes a reservation at the order of work.

2.2 Terms of performance of work. Calculation of term is started from the next day, after order confirmation. In case of the accelerated work writing, terms make a reservation in addition. In case of change of terms the contractor notifies on it the customer within 5 days.

2.3. The quality of work corresponds to the level of this work type exposed usually and also additional requirements of the Customer specified by him at order placement in the column "additional requirements".

3. Work acceptance order.

1. Work is transferred to the customer personally on condition of complete payment by the Customer of performance of work.

2. After work transfer to the customer we do not expose work in the Internet, unless otherwise specified. All responsibility for providing work in public use is born by the Customer.

3. In case of need entering of an amendment into the performed work, the contractor makes them free of charge with the following provisions:

3.1 wishes and claims are accepted within 1 month for theses and 14 days after transfer of the order. It is caused by the usual term of preparation of work for protection by the student.

3.2. to alteration the wishes which are not contradicting the agreement on information service are accepted.

3.3. in case of change of the plan and structure of work, the possibility of alterations is solved in each case individually. Works which mutually approved plan, underwent adjustment after acceptance of the performed work as the customer are not redone free of charge

3.4. all expenses on ensuring delivery of materials on wishes about alteration and to its acceptance are born by the Customer.

3.5. the term and a possibility of execution of wishes about alteration makes a reservation in addition and individually on each work, but in case of claim completions, the Customer undertakes to provide properly certified review of the teacher. In that case the term of alteration is established in 7 calendar days, alterations are performed strictly according to the review, alterations go by e-mail to the Customer's address. Making decision on alteration happens within two working days after providing the review.

3.6. The contractor does not bear responsibility on the difficulties which arose owing to the personal changes made by the Customer to work, the student's relations with the teacher and also behavior and quality of the protection (preprotection) which is carried out by the Customer.

3.7. Registration of work is made according to the methodical recommendations provided by the student as appropriate or according to the following stipulated standard: weeding from above and from below 2 cm, 3 cm, 2 cm on the right at the left. Times New Roman font 14 or 12 one-and-a-half or single line interval. The contractor does not bear responsibility for not providing the conditions by the customer other than data.

4. Payment

4.1 Payment to be made of 100% of cost by work transfer to the Customer during the personal meeting with the employee. 5. Execution of the agreement.

The agreement can be issued when obtaining the order both in writing, and orally. The agreement is signed before receiving work with our employee