When you are looking to decide on which polo Cologne you should get, look for the fragrance notes to see attractive scents. Classic Polo perfume is made up of tobacco, wood and leather notes for an authentic, natural masculine fragrance. Many consumers like to wear a light scent and can't smell the difference between a medium or heavy scent. If you are looking for a lighter scent, try a light version of a male Cologne or perfume as a good start.

Men's colognes are available in many different bottles to choose from, but remember, not all brands are made for women. You will also want to consider what the bottles are going to be used for, if you are going to have them at work or for any other occasion. Many bottles can be found in colors that match some of the more common men's clothing. Some bottles may not be able to withstand certain weather conditions such as extreme temperatures or extreme humidity. Some manufacturers can make colognes that are waterproof and some colognes can not.

Many men's colognes can be worn with jeans or pants. However, many men prefer to wear their pants, shirt and jacket with their Cologne. If you are shopping for your first Cologne and you are unsure about it, try a light or medium scent. If you do like a strong fragrance, a stronger one may be a good idea for your first purchase. If you have trouble trying to determine which fragrance you like the most, you may want to give some colognes to a friend or two so they can try them on for themselves.