Strip Neodymium Magnet
High Intensity – Rare Earth Magnets - Neodymium Magnets Datasheet No. 07
Rare earth Strip Magnets are versatile and can be used in
various processes. These units are usually installed above
transfer conveyors and vibratory feeders to attract 'tramp' type
contamination and any loose machinery that has fallen off during
the manufacturing or packaging stages.
The unit consists of two rows of magnetic material running the
full length of the unit. These generate high intensity magnetic flux
fields, which reach approximately 3.3 inches from the units front
face. Magnetism is only present on one face ensuring that no
surrounding sensitive process machinery is affected.
'Tramp' contamination can be attracted from the conveyor surface
even when trapped underneath the product e.g. biscuit etc. The
unit's full stainless steel construction means water and chemical
clean down can be carried out.
The strip magnet is highly visible once installed and any attracted
contamination can be easily seen. In most cases this contamination
can be removed by hand. In high collection installations a simple
scraper can be used.
Working with the maintenance department, any attracted
machinery parts can be quickly identified and corrective
maintenance carried out.
Suitable Products
All conveyed products less than 4 inches thick.
Suitable Locations
Above transfer belt conveyors and vibratory feeders.
• Suitable for wash down
• High collection capacity
• Removes 'tramp' sized contaminants
• Rare earth deep magnetic field
• Easy to clean
Primary protection - tramp.
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Technical Data
2 inches A
Product Information Performance
Magnetic performance 4,000 Gauss
Part A B No. Of Weight Weight Performance reading On magnetic front face
Number inches inches Holes kg lb Magnetic field depth 3 inches – Using 0.19 inches
Ø 0.9inches long mild
SMN100 4 2 2 2.5 5.5
steel test piece
SMN200 8 6 2 5.0 11 Magnetic material Rare earth neodymium
iron boron
SMN300 12 8 2 7.5 16.5 Magnet grade N35 – Inspected and
confirmed via hysterograph
SMN400 16 8 2 10.0 22 prior to use
Temperature -4˚F / +194˚F
SMN500 20 8 3 12.5 27.5
SMN600 24 8 3 15.0 33 Housing 304 grade stainless steel
Other parts 304 grade stainless steel
SMN700 28 8 4 17.5 38.6 Surface finish Brushed to 2.0µm
SMN800 32 8 4 20.0 44 Options
• High temperature samarium cobalt magnetic material, +482˚F
SMN900 36 8 5 22.5 50
• Length up to 79” long
• 316 grade stainless steel
SMN1000 40 8 5 25.0 55
• ATEX certified
• Ceramic magnetic material
• Pharmaceutical specification
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4 inches