This Bengaluru-based Kathak dancer was awarded as the winner of the Mrs. Universe Pageant held in Portugal. Let me quote down her own statements. The competition was tough. I feel blessed, happy and proud to be the first married Indian woman of Miss Lady Star Universe to bring this crown to India,” she said. But the biggest challenge was to withstand the freezing temperatures in Mealhada, Portugal, where the contest was held.β€œIt was beastly cold all the time and since I am used to the weather in Bengaluru, I cried almost every day, as most of our photoshoots would happen outdoors,” she recalled. The contest was held over a period of seven days and women from 24 countries, such as USA, England, Ukraine, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Lithuania, and Portugal, took part in the contest. She also said β€œI have won this title after marriage and two kids.

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