Party 1 = Alex Metin

Party 2 = Valentin Demarque and Alexandre Gennari

By signing this contract, the following procedures take place:

Party 2 agrees to give full access and rights to Party 1.

Party 2 agrees to not interfere and touch with Party 1 server files.

Party 2 and Party 1 will keep a collaboration and help each other.

Party 1 will offer full support to Party 2 server files.

Party 1 will help Party 2 with coding and scripting.

Party 1 will give the MetroRP schema to Party 2.

Not respecting the contract will result in a DMCA takedown, aswell as a court charge.

If any of the parties abuse the contract, the victim party has the right to sue the other party.

DMCA © 2015