[Date] [Your name]

[Your address]
[Your city, state, zip]

[Credit Reporting Company Name and Address]
Write a separate letter to each of the 3 companies.
See contact info below.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am a victim of identity theft. The information listed below appears on my credit report but I did not make or approve of [this/these] [transaction/transactions]. This happened because of identity theft.

[List every transaction that resulted from identity theft and should be blocked. For every transaction, list the name of the company, the kind of transaction, the amount of the transaction, and the date of the transaction.]

Please block this information from my credit report, pursuant to section 605B of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and send the required notice to all businesses that supplied this information. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires you to block the fraudulent information on my credit report resulting from identity theft within four business days and to promptly notify the business that sent you that information.

I have enclosed a copy of my credit report and circled the fraudulent items on the report. I have also enclosed a copy of my Identity Theft Report and proof of my identity. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. Please send me a letter after you have blocked the information from my credit report and sent notice to the business[es] involved.

[Your Name]