Zopim's status for all support advocates is currently on offline.

As such, messages left behind by customers come into Zendesk as a ticket.

When such tickets come in, support advocates have to determine the status of the query / customer by cross-referencing against Salesforce. Trial or Paid.

If the customer is on trial:

  1. The ticket's requester will change to sales@tradegecko.com.
  2. Reasons List will be: Sales Escalated Zopim Queries
  3. 2. Sales escalated Zopim Queries (if it comes via Zopim).

Reasons Listing helps the company recognise the trending issues that need to be identified and how they can be better focused. Therefore, it is imperative the support advocates are on the same page. An update was logged on 'Updates Log" on 4th November 2015 but there were very little compliance.

This is with immediate effect and for strict compliance.