Address/Premises: address/premises Owner/Lease Holder: owner/lease holder
Roommate Space: roommate space Roommate: roommate
Emergency Contact: emergency contact Emergency Phone: emergency phone
Common Areas: common areas Prohibited Areas: prohibited areas
Start Date: start date End Date: end date
Monthly Rent:

(due the 1st of each month)

Security Deposit: $200.00
(due with 1st rent payment)
Late Rent Fee: $25.00
(incurred the 11th of each month)
Returned Check Fee: $25.00


This agreement gives Roommate the right to occupy Roommate Space at Address/Premises in exchange for payment of Rent from Start Date until End Date (if provided), or until the Roommate’s occupancy is terminated under the terms of this agreement. Both Owner/Lease Holder and Roommate agree to observe the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Rent and Payment

Roommate agrees to pay rent for the first month (prorated) and second month on or before Start Date, or at the signing of this agreement. Rent is due on or before the first day of each following month. If Rent payment is received after the tenth day of the month, the Roommate will incur the Late Fee. The last month of rent will be prorated if it does not cover an entire month.

Rent payment must be paid by cash, money order, cashier's check, Amazon Payments, or PayPal (bank accounts only). Personal checks are accepted, but any Returned Check Fee incurred will be the responsibility of the Roommate. If a check is returned after the rent due date, the Late Fee will also incur.

Rent will not be accepted unless paid in full, including any incurred fees.

Security Deposit

Roommate agrees to pay the Security Deposit on or before the State Date or at the signing of this agreement. Deposit will be held at bank name located at bank address for the length of this agreement.

Upon termination of this agreement, the Security Deposit will be refunded in accordance with the Tenant Security Deposit Act. Any unpaid rent, fees, court costs, and/or damages will be deducted from the Security Deposit. Any remainder of the Security Deposit will be refunded to the Roommate within thirty (30) days of this agreement being terminated, along with an itemized statement of any deductions.

If the initial Security Deposit is not sufficient to cover any unpaid rent, fees, court costs, and/or damages, the Roommate will be held liable for the remaining balance.

Utilities and Amenities

Rent includes access to/use of central heating and cooling, hot and cold water, electricity, and recycling and waste services. Gas and wood heating are available for emergency use only. Excessive personal use of electricity on a continuous basis will be investigated and addressed, and may result in Agreement termination.

Both Owner/Lease Holder and Roommate will have access to/use of all appliances, fixtures, and furniture in the Common Areas (excluding laptops and other portable appliances) and associated accessories (pots and pans, cables, etc.) regardless of owner, unless restrictions are communicated verbally or through the use of a commonly agreed upon system.

Standard wired and wireless shared internet access is provided at no additional cost, with access granted on Start Date. Any upgraded internet, premium television, and/or cable services must be approved by Owner/Lease Holder and would require an increase in the Rent and the signing of a revised Agreement.

Common and Prohibited Areas

Owner/Lease Holder agrees to not enter Roommate Spaces without the consent of the Roommate, unless for maintenance or medical emergency. Conversely, Roommate may not enter Prohibited Areas without the consent of Owner/Lease Holder.

Areas of Address/Premises not designated as Roommate Space, Common Areas, or Prohibited Areas will be accessible to Roommate, but Roommate may not leave personal belongings in these areas and has no implicit right to use any possessions of Owner/Lease Holder kept in these areas.

Alterations and Modifications

Roommate agrees to not alter, modify, or otherwise change Roommate Spaces or Common Areas. This includes, but is not limited to painting, remodeling, and "fixing" unless otherwise granted permission by Owner/Lease Holder.

Animal and Pet Policy

Roommate agrees to not keep or allow anywhere on or about the premises any animals or pets of any kind, including, but not limited to cats, dogs, rodents, birds, and reptiles unless otherwise granted permission by Owner/Lease Holder prior to pet occupying Address/Premises.

Roommate Obligations

Roommate and Owner/Lease Holder will keep Common Areas reasonably clean and orderly. Trash must be deposed of properly in designated receptacles on a regular basis. Responsibility for vacuuming and cleaning Common Areas will be shared. Food is not provided, and is the responsibility of Roommate.

Roommate and Owner/Lease Holder will make a good faith effort to address any concerns by the other party about the neatness or cleanliness of Common Areas.

Any behavior that disrupt or disturb Owner/Lease Holder, other roommates, and/or neighbors will not be tolerated. This includes any unlawful actions and/or violations of local ordinances.

Smoking and illegal drug use is prohibited at all times on Address/Premises.

Renters Insurance

While it is not required, renters insurance is highly recommended in order for your personal possessions to be covered in case of disaster. Coverage and benefits may vary based on your plan and provider.


The Roommate will not assign this lease or sublet/sublease the Premises in any way.

Renewal and Termination

This agreement does not automatically renew; a new agreement must be signed by Owner/Lease Holder and Roommate before End Date. Renewal must be made by Roommate no later than End Date. If a new agreement is not signed before End Date, Owner/Lease Holder will give ten (10) day written notice to sign a new agreement or vacate. If neither occurs, eviction will be filed on the day after written notice is given.

Owner/Lease Holder or Roommate may terminate this agreement at any time by giving thirty (30) days written notice. Such a decision by either party to end the occupancy will not require justification and will not be open to challenge.

Sign and Date

This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties on the respective dates below. By signing this agreement, the Roommate acknowledges having read and agreed to all of its provisions, including the checklist of pre-existing conditions and damages. Any additional agreements or amendments to this agreement between Roommate and Owner/Lease Holder will not be considered binding unless it is in writing and signed by all parties.

Roommate Signature: roommate sign

Date: current date

Owner/Lease Holder: owner/lease holder sign

Date: current date