With the appearance of a various brands in the global market there is rising competition towards holding market share. The sole objective of branding service is to come within attention of people. A branding service is something which is recognized internationally and has customers across the globe. So there are a number of local brands that work in a small niche. Though the size does not matter as it is the aspiration level to get noticed by the target audience makes all the difference. This has been made possible by applying appropriate branding solution techniques.

10 Ways to Create Brand Value

Signs of a good branding service are the consistency of brand attributes, emotional element and flexibility. Simply branding solution is the plan how, when, what and to whom the brand plans to communicate. There are three types of Branding solution which are brand extensions, brand licensing and co- branding.

The key elements of a brand strategy include-

Competitive Analysis.

To analyze and overcome key competitions in the market a good branding service is very essential. It is important know the market position and share to draft a good branding solution. It is vital to know about key competitors in the market for growing the business concern.

Brand architecture.

Brand architecture is the overall branding activity including packaging, design etc. it helps to support product development. So it must be able to fit into a larger portfolio when the brand is developed further.

Brand story.

A unique brand story to tell to the customer. A brand story is a message that brand delivers to the customer. It may be the history of the brand or the product. A brand story helps to build a brand to be credible and adds value to the brand.

Brand personality.

Brand personality is an important aspect of branding service. For example, a kids brand can afford to use humor in brand personality but not a luxury brand. Brand personality has an impact on how the customers perceive our brand identity. Simply brand personality is the traits that the brand wants to be known for.

Creative elements.

A good logo, color scheme, typography and design elements help the branding strategy work out better. It helps to build a strong brand image in the customer's mindsets and also identification of the product in the market.


While drafting a brand strategy it is important that it should be credible for the target customers. Good branding activity gives reasons for the customer's to believe in the brand. The credibility may be thrust upon the quality or quantity of the product.

Makes a promise.

A good branding solution helps in promising certain value of the product. The value promised in a brand may be the quality, durability, simplicity etc. of the product. A brand promise is about what the customer, the employees and partners should anticipate from interaction with the brand.

Many of you think that having a logo, tagline and packaging is all branding is about. But it is not yet finished without drafting implementing the branding service as well as solution.