Set forth this 01 day of January, 2013, this agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between Rocklin High School, known for the purpose of this Agreement as "Client," and Tyler Rynelle, hereafter known as "Developer." The Agreement refers to the following application design project(s) (hereafter referred to as "Work")

Client and Designer agree to the following provisions:

DURATION: This Agreement commences on the day listed above, and continues through the 21 of January , 2013, at which point all Work is expected to be completed to Client's satisfaction. Extensions may be requested by Developer, and granted or denied by the Client. Developer agrees to design the ID card feature to the Client's satisfaction.

PAYMENT: Client agrees to pay Developer no more than $1,000.00 for constructing and developing the ID card feature on the already completed application. Payment is due after the ID card feature is live and to the satisfaction of the client.

RATE: Developer has an hourly rate of $50, not exceeding $1000.00 total

RIGHTS: Rights, including copyright, ownership, and publishing rights, to this Work belong to Rocklin High School as of 21 January 2013.

RELATIONSHIP: This Agreement does not imply any other relationship between Client and Developer. Any further work requested by Client and/or suggested by Designer must be governed under a separate agreement.