Rihaan Deshmukh is the first son of Ritieish Deshmukh and actress Genelia D’souza Deshmukh he was born on 25 November 2014. Rihaan likes to travel a lot and he has mostly visited all the places along with his dad whenever he goes out for shoots. Both the kids are not camera conscious and get clicked well in the public by media. The kids love all the attention that they get in the public. Rihaan has been seen very frequently on his father or mother’s instagram along with his father. Due to his frequent appearance on instagram of their father and mother both the kids have already become a star and have posed being much more than that as they have very cute looks and great kiddish smile like their parents. Rihaan is currently studying in Ambani international school along with his brother Rahyl and several other star kids and is good friends with Shahrukh Khan’s Son Abram Khan. He also is found strolling in the street along with his father and mother. He is also the heart of his family as he is the apple of the eye of deshmukh family. He has his own enormous fan base.

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