Rental Street Address
Rental City, STATE Zip
Lease Lease Start Date to Lease End Date

REVIEW dated Today's Date, between:

Landlord's Name of Landlord's Address (hereinafter called the LANDLORD), and:

1. Tenant 1 Name (name) of

Tenant 1 Current Address (address)

2. Tenant 2 Name of

Tenant 2 Current Address

3. Tenant 3 Name of

Tenant 3 Current Address

4. Tenant 4 Name of

Tenant 4 Current Address

5. Tenant 5 Name of

Tenant 5 Current Address

6. Tenant 6 Name of

Tenant 6 Current Address

(hereinafter called the TENANTS).

WHEREAS, LANDLORD owns the residence and real estate situated at Rental Street Address. Rental City, STATE Zip (hereinafter called the PREMISES); and

WHEREAS, TENANTS and LANDLORD agree the following damage/issues exist at the property, and 1) the TENANTS are not responsible for repair 2) the LANDLORD shall fix this in due time:

Summary of Damages

Signed on Today's Date.


Landlord's Name


Tenant 1 Name

Tenant 2 Name

Tenant 3 Name

Tenant 4 Name

Tenant 5 Name

Tenant 6 Name