Ranu Mondal a woman who became a sensation of a country in her mid 50's in an age where people tend to lose interest perceiving their passion the women saw an opportunity of building her career. Ranu Mondal was an orphan and lost her parents in a really young age and was brought up by her maternal aunt and since childhood, she wanted to be a singer but as she got married to Babloo Mondal and travelled to Mumbai to work as a helper. They got a job in a house of prestigious actor Firoz Khan. Over there also she couldn't convert it into a big career. After the death of her husband she again went back to Ranaghat to help her aunt. This was almost the end for her where she was separated from her daughter. While in Ranaghat she spent her life begging and she was expecting nothing from a life that was when Atinder Chakraborty recorded her by requesting to sing again by offering her a cup of tea and a biscuit. Destiny change overnight and this became viral video and the luck finally knocked doors of Ranu. She became famous soon. She is now singing for Himesh Reshammiya.

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