The undersigned (each a “Collaborator” and together “Origami Bear Studios”) are collaborating underneath the parent company Flor Pty. Ltd. to develop a Game Concept and Related Artwork described as:

[description of game concept and related artwork]

for The Client, [aluna].

The Quoted Price is the price subsequently agreed upon between all parties under a separate agreement.

All copyright and intellectual property produced by the Origami Bear Studios is retained by the company Flor Pty. Ltd., until a subsequent agreement is reached. The intention is to allow a protected space for Origami Bear Studios to develop ideas and assets for display to potential investors by [aluna].

In the event that both parties agree to use and develop the Game Concept and Related Artwork:

  1. [aluna] agrees to pursue development with Flor Pty. Ltd. and Origami Bear Studios at the Quoted Price.
  2. A subsequent agreement will transfer the copyright and intellectual property from Flor Pty. Ltd. to [aluna] or as agreed upon between the parties.

No Collaborator, nor Flor Pty. Ltd., is a party to any agreement that restricts a Collaborator’s ability to perform their obligations as set out above and no third party can claim any rights to the Game Concept and Related Artwork.

This Agreement is governed by Australian law.

Collaborator's names that form Origami Bear Studios: 

Name Email
Abbey Miranda
Joe Hitze
Philip Tyrer


Flor Pty. Ltd. Director

Name Email
Patricia Tyrer