Concerning the property at: address

Rented by: renter's name

This Pet Agreement is an addendum to the rental contract between the Landlord and Tenant(s). Upon violation of a provision in this agreement, the Landlord shall in addition to the foregoing, may exercise all rights and remedies specified in the rental contract, including but not limited to eviction, damages, costs and attorney’s fees.

Pet Authorization and Pet Description

The lease covering the premises provides that no pets are permitted without the landlord’s prior written consent. The term “pet” includes any animal, whether mammal, reptile, bird, fish, rodent, or insect. Tenants are hereby authorized to have the following described pet on the premises, subject to the terms and conditions of this Pet Agreement:

Pet name: pet name #1

Type of Animal: type of animal #1

Breed: breed #1

Color: color #1 Age: age #1 Weight:weight #1

Spayed/Neutered: yes/no #1

Pet name: pet name #2

Type of Animal: type of animal #2

Breed: breed #2

Color: color #2 Age: age #2eight:weight #2

Spayed/Neutered: yes/no #2

No other animal (including any offspring) shall be permitted at any time without prior written consent.

Pet Regulations

Tenants agree to abide by the following rules:

  1. Tenant must take all reasonable action to prevent the pet from violating the rights of other persons. This applies whether the pet is inside or outside of the dwelling.
  2. The pet must not cause any damage to the property.
  3. The pet must be housebroken. The pet must not be allowed to urinate or defecate on any unprotected flooring inside the dwelling. Tenant must remove any pet waste from the property, including garages, storage areas, yards, patios, and the like.
  4. The pet is prohibited from entering the following areas: forbidden areas
  5. The pet must be kept up to date with rabies vaccinations.
  6. The pet must be kept on a leash when outside the dwelling or the tenant’s private fenced yard area.
  7. Tenant will immediately and permanently remove the pet from the premises if Management receives reasonable complaints from neighbors or other residents or if Management, in Management’s sole discretion, determines that the pet has disturbed the rights, comforts or conveniences of Tenant’s neighbors or other residents.
  8. Tenant will promptly remove any offspring of the pet from the premises.
  9. Tenant will remove or confine the pet at any time the pet is likely to limit or prohibit the landlord or other authorized persons access to the dwelling as permitted by the lease.
  10. Tenant authorizes Management to permanently remove the pet if, in Management’s reasonable judgment, Tenant has either abandoned the pet, left the pet inside without food or water for an extended period of time, failed to care for a sick pet, or repeatedly allowed the pet to defecate or urinate in prohibited places. Management will, after giving written notice, enter the dwelling with the proper authorities to remove the pet and may give the pet to a local humane society or other appropriate authority. The tenant will be liable for paying any reasonable costs incurred for the care and kenneling of such pets.
  11. Any animal that causes or appears to be a threat to any person on the premises or any animal with a history of aggressive behavior will be considered a dangerous animal. Management retains the right to remove dangerous animals immediately.
  12. Tenant will keep animals other than dogs and cats in an appropriate cage at all times.

Liability for Damages

Tenant is responsible and liable for the following:

Any and all damage to the property or any item in the property caused by the pet. Damage caused by a pet is not considered normal wear and tear.

Any and all personal injuries to any person caused by the pet.

Any and all damage to any person’s property caused by the pet.

Any reasonable costs incurred to clean, deodorize, deflea or repair any part of the property, including but not limited to the flooring, doors, walls, drapes, windows, screens, furniture, appliances, yard, fences, or landscaping. In the event that Management must arrange for this work before or after move-out, an amount of [$ withheld] will be withheld from the Pet Deposit for this purpose.

Tenant promises to indemnify and defend the landlord, the landlord’s property manager, and the landlord’s agents against any attorney’s fees, costs, damages, or other expenses that are incurred due to the act of any pet or tenant.


In consideration for authorization allowing Tenant to keep the pet(s) on the property, the Tenant agrees to the following. Check any that apply:

[mark 'X' for A] On or before Tenant begins to occupy the property, Tenant agrees to pay Landlord a pet deposit in the amount of [amount]. The pet deposit is in addition to the security deposit required for the lease and is made part of the security deposit for all purposes. It is not refundable in the event that the pet is removed prior to the expiration of the lease.

[mark 'X' for B] The monthly rent of the property will be increased to $[rent increase total].

[mark 'X' for C] On or before the execution of this agreement, Tenant agrees to pay Landlord an amount of $[one time $ amount] as a one-time, non-refundable fee.

The Tenant is aware that the amount paid in as consideration for allowing the pet to reside on the property is not a limit on Tenant’s liability for personal injury and/or property damage and/or cleaning.

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