No Promotion Letter Format to Staff for Discipline Violation

Andrew Black
Human Resource Manager
Zenith Technologies
New York
Date: March 14, 2022
Members of Staff
Sales Department
Zenith Technologies
Sub: No promotion due to violation of discipline
Dear Staff Members,
I have been informed that the because of the violation of discipline by the sales department, the
promotion of the complete department has been cancelled. On March 5th, 2022, a heated argument
followed by a clash between two sales teams created a lot of ruckus in the office.
After this kind of behavior, the company has decided to not promote any of the staff members of the
sales team because violation of discipline is the last thing that will be tolerated at Zenith Technologies.
This kind of behavior is not expected out of any of our employees and two teams getting into a fight at
work is the least expected and unprofessional thing to happen and that’s the reason the management is
compelled to take such a harsh action against the department.
As per the policy of the company, any issue must be resolved by sitting on the table and not getting
involved into any kind of fights and what happened that day exhibits a very unprofessional and
unacceptable conduct from our employees. We are hopeful that all the staff members are going to
ponder on their actions and will show improvement in their conduct.
If things improve then the company can think of revoking their decision. In case of any queries, please
get in touch with the HR Department.
Andrew Black
Human Resource Manager
Zenith Technologies
Source: No Promotion Letter to Staff