THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into as DATE (“Effective Date”), by and between Barry Boen (or "Boen”) andFIRST NAMELAST NAME(or"LAST NAME”) (collectively, “the Parties”).

The purpose of agreement is is enable the free exchange of information between the Parties during discussions to evaluate possible future business arrangements between the Parties. In furtherance of this purpose:

Boen promises to disclose confidential information of silent right inc to LAST NAME. The confidential information may include, non-public information about proprietary software, business techniques, plans, standards for operation and procedures, software in development, hardware schematics, and other aspects of business regarding silent right inc. Boen promises to not disclose or use without just compensation any unique or novel solution or idea not already contemplated by Boen that LAST NAME proposes or suggests during these discussions.

LAST NAMEpromises to keep the confidential information disclosed by Boen in strict confidence, and use it solely for the Purpose evaluate future business with Boen and silent right inc. LAST NAMEpromises not to use any confidential information disclosed solely for his own personal gain to the detriment of Boen.

The Parties agree that in the event either party breaches this agreement by disclosing the confidential information exchanged during discussions to a third-party or using the confidential information for individual financial gain, without additional signed agreement, the non-breaching party shall have a cause of action for monetary damages. The breaching party shall be liable for damages incurred by non-breaching party as allowed by the laws of the State of California, in a court of competent jurisdiction for the action.

The Parties agree that their signature below will be signed on,


Barry Boen, individually and as owner of silent right inc.,
via www. in Los Angeles, California on DATE