Lol means in Hindi | Friends will tell me today. Lol means Friends, you must have heard many times lol said to your friends today to tell me what you mean lol means what-lol means you will have heard many times on tv or youtube video on Today, in today's topic, I am asking you to "lol means in Hindi" in the form of lol or on whats or on whatsup.

lol means | lol ka full form

lol is an internet slang term, which means "loud laugh" (laugh out loud). This usually means lol ka laugh out loud people changed the laugh out loud to "lots of love". Lol is often used in messages which means it is really funny.

lol means , complete form

It means mute in Persian and is a native Dutch word (not brief), which means "lollig" means "funny". In Welsh, the word lol means nonsense - like if someone wants to say "completely nonsense" in Welsh, they will say "rwtsh lol". Lol is usually used on the Internet or during text messaging.