Laila Ali is a Boxer the eldest daughter of best boxer ever Muhamed Ali. She has been multi talented since her childhood and has always showcased it on the time it was required. Laila was a manicurist till the age of 16. She got really inspired by the Boxer if that time that was Christy Martin. Laila has been brought up in very hard condition when her father was trying to settle in boxing. Laila has never let her father down and she worked very hard to come to this level. She has said that she had a dream to become like Christy Martin but she fulfilled her dream by defeating her in a match in 8th Round. Laila has shown her multiple talented skills at a very young age she has appeared in cookery shows and has also appeared in many Dance Music videos. Laila along being so successful in so many things she has been mother to three kids and has been wonderful at her job as a mother she believes that it is her sports that has given her the ability to be such a wonderful mother. Laila is also an excellent writer she has co authored a book which is based upon her journey to become the best boxer and has never given her dream and how passionately she followed her dream to be successful.

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