Self storage in Kidderminster

About Us
❖ ‘Lisle Self Storage’ is one of the well-reputed self storage in Kidderminster.
• We have 3-acre large space and 200 containers.
• We have different size of containers which is starting from 20ft.
• We have latest security system with CCTV cameras.
• 24 Hours access to your container
• There is no fixed contract
• Free car Parking, Forklift
• All these facilities are starting from just 120 Euro per month for 20ft container.

Lisle Self Storage Kidderminster

Documents Storage
Self Storage Kidderminster provide you Documents Storage facility.
• You can store your documents and books here which you can’t store at
• Lisle Self Storage gives you different sizes and you don’t have to pay extra
size container money.
• You can access you documents any day any time.

Documents Storage

Personal Storage
Storage Kidderminster provide you Personal Stoage .
• For your personal storage you can choose your own container size which
can full fill your requirements.
• You don’t have to pay extra money for big size container which big space
you don’t use.
• Lisele Self Storage provide you Ground Containers and you don’t have to
pay extra money for ground containers.

Ground Storage

Business Storage
• Storage Kidderminster provide you Business Storage .
• In Business Storage service you can store your Office Furniture ,Machines
and office stuff.
• You can take your items when ever you want there is no fixed contract.
• We give 24 hour protection of your items

Business Storage

• You can access item any time
• Free Parking
• No fixed contract
• Forklift available
• No need of stairs and elevator
• No need to walk far

Wide Space