In Da Lake of Kashmir same nourishments accessible as in Dehli, however in nearby markets various nourishments accessible. In Khayyam Chowk, flavorful nourishments accessible and Khayyam chowk is 7km a long way from da lake. In the event that you are a nourishment darling, at that point you should peruse my blog. In Kashmir, various suppers with Kashmiri individuals taste These are:

Sheep Kabab Korma

Kashmiri in frying pan that is the reason the flavor of Kashmiri lamb kabab is diverse instead of different urban areas.

gourmet specialist made sheep kabab korma

Chicken Kabab Koram

It is likewise made on the frying pan.


Kashmiri likes to eat nadru. Nadru resembles pakoras.its additionally use in yakhni.


Shingara is looking like samosas, yet the formula for shingara is extraordinary, individuals eat it a great deal.

kashmiri nourishment Pakora

Kashmiri individuals made pakora with onion and bean stews and they additionally made Pea's pakoras and potato pakoras. Eat with unique chutney and this chutney made with radish and green bean stew.

In chicken samosa, Kashmiri individuals utilize chicken and radish in it to make it increasingly delightful and made for guests of Kashmir particularly.

chicken samosa Fry Fish

Numerous voyagers eat these things at whatever point they visit Kashmir and the individuals who are nourishment darlings and need to think about Kashmir food sources read this article you can likewise make it in your homes and appreciate the preference for your place. Seekh Kabab

Chicken kabab