This agreement is between Company ("your company"), Epicodus, Inc. ("Epicodus"), and any Epicodus students who intern with your company under this agreement ("interns").

  1. Purpose: For the last month of class, Epicodus facilitates internships with local companies like yours. It's a chance for our students to gain real-world experience, and for your company to get assistance from our students.
  2. Relationships: Epicodus and your company are and will remain two independent contractors. The interns are not employees of your company, but rather are students fulfilling an academic requirement of Epicodus. To the extent legally allowed, neither your company nor Epicodus is required to provide workers' compensation coverage for interns.
  3. Term: The term of this agreement is from October 6 through November 7, 2014.
  4. Termination: If at any point your company isn't happy with the interns' performance, please talk to us about it! That said, at any time, Epicodus, the interns, or your company can end this agreement by giving written notice (including by email) to the other parties. Even when this agreement ends, the Ownership of work and Limitation of liability sections will continue to apply indefinitely.
  5. Your company's responsibilities: Your company will provide a learning experience for the interns, in which the interns will spend at least 30 hours each week writing code, and will have an experienced developer as a mentor who will guide them and answer their questions. During the second and fourth weeks of the internship, the mentoring developer will check in with an Epicodus staff member and provide an update on how the internship is going. If you have any concerns or need any help along the way, please don't hesitate to reach out at other times.
  6. Ownership of work: Any work done for your company by interns belongs solely to your company, and unless agreed elsewhere, Epicodus and the interns won't receive any compensation for that work.
  7. Limitation of liability: Epicodus is providing this internship program to your company at no charge. Accordingly, to the extent permitted by law, neither Epicodus nor the interns will be liable for any losses your company incurs from the interns.
  8. Legal compliance: Your company will comply with all applicable laws, including (but not limited to) those governing salaries for interns.
  9. General provisions: If we have a disagreement, the laws of the State of Oregon will apply, except for conflict of laws rules, and if necessary, we will litigate in Multnomah County, Oregon. If it turns out part of this agreement isn’t enforceable, we will remove that part, and it will not affect the rest of the agreement. This agreement is the entire agreement between Epicodus, the interns, and your company, completely replaces any previous agreements, and may only be changed by a written agreement signed by all of us.