Exclusive rights and ownership agreement between Big Money Guala Gang LLC. and Raeshaun Samoa.

Raeshaun Samoa (hereinafter referred to as the “Licensor) in accordance with the terms stated in this exclusive license agreement hereby licenses to Big Money Guala Gang LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “Licensee”) the exclusive synchronization rights to 1 beat and song lyrics created by Raeshaun Samoa "GangGang" (hereinafter referred to as “song project”)


1. RIGHTS GRANTS: Pursuant to this exclusive license agreement, Licensee is hereby grant the worldwide, exclusive, transferable, un-restricted right to use the song project in connection with licensee’s musical compositions. The Licensee is hereby granted rights and may synchronize song project with other visual or audio performances of Licensee choice. Rights included in this license include unlimited profit and distribution of the master (containing the song project in whole or in part). Licensee is granted unlimited distribution, reproduction, performance, video, online, and radio rights under this Agreement. Licensee understands that the rights that are being granted to the Licensee in this Agreement are exclusive and that the Licensor will have no authority and no rights to grant other parties the right to use thesong project in whole or in part that is being licensed in this Agreement. Licensor agree not to post on line or advertise song project in any other forum. or under any other name referred in this agreement as song project, from all online site and websites like YouTube, face book,fiverr etc.

2.One time payment: As a condition precedent to the Grant as referenced in paragraph One above, Licensee agrees to pay Licensor a One time payment of $100 threw website using paypal in consideration for the license to synchronize the song project referred to in this Agreement and in its schedules payment is made for complete ownership of track and lyrics by the Licensee.

Licensor (Raeshaun Samoa) will deliver full song, video,and track via email in mp3 and wave formats immediately after receiving money to email: jdurand19@gmail.com. Any delay will result in termination of this agreement and money be sent back including any additional fees accrued by licensee due to breech of agreement.

3. RESTRICTIONS: Notwithstanding the exclusive license granted herein, Licensor hereby acknowledges and agrees that Licensee will have no restrictions to record, reproduce, distribute, license, duplicate,re-arrange, re-assign, broadcast, collect royalties, copyright or any other related business dealings

4. CLEARANCE:Licensor is responsible for the clearing of samples. Licensor accepts full responsibility for clearing any and all samples used in the track (if any). Licensee cannot and will not be held liable for the

Misuse of any sampled material that Licensor uses in conjunction with the song project. Licensor hereby indemnifies and agrees to hold Licensee harmless for any damages incurred in connection with licensee’s use of the instrumental without appropriate clearances. 5.OWNERSHIP: The Licensor understands that, subject to this License, Licensor grant sole copyright and ownership of the song project to Licensee. Licensee agrees that Licensor may not file for US copyright protection over the song project, if it deems advisable.

6. CONDITIONAL ROYALTY: In the event a master recording containing the licensed Insong project in whole or in part is contained on an album and /or song or songs, the licensor agree to have no claim to any royalties related to that song or album. Licensor grant the rights to licensee to collect full and unlimited royalties, and monies related to sales, licenses, or any other form were royalties could be collected.


(a), use of the song project in isolation and without synchronization of vocal performance is permitted under this Grant of Rights and Licensee does not need to obtain any special multimedia license separately and directly from

Raeshaun Samoa (hereinafter referred to as the “Licensor ")

(b) Licensee has the right to use the Instrumentals for Radio Broadcast, Commercial Advertisement, Television Broadcast, Video Games, Internet, On-hold & In House Background Music, or film Soundtracks, and instrumental song release as single or as part of an album, cd, mp3, or any other digital format online.

8. This Agreement shall be effective upon payment of License fee referenced upon in paragraph2 above One time Payment

9. In the event there is a dispute related to this License or any of the representations and/or warranties contained therein, Licensee acknowledges and agrees that it has purposefully availed itself of the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts courts and that any dispute shall be determined and decided by applying Massachusetts choice of law without any additional inquiry concerning choice of law. Additionally, Licensee consents to the exclusive venue of the Massachusetts state and federal courts in connection with any dispute arising from or related to this Agreement.