Drexel DragonLAN is the name of our organization. Additionally, our competitive gaming (eSports) teams will be known as the Drexel Dragoons.

ARTICLE II - Mission Statement

Drexel DragonLAN’s mission is to develop and grow Drexel University’s video game community.

DragonLAN’s main focus in accomplishing this mission is hosting fun, competitive, and social video game events on campus called LAN parties. At a LAN party, attendees bring video game equipment and computers to connect to a local network and play games with other attendees.

Secondly, DragonLAN aspires to be a place where students interested in competitive gaming, also known as eSports, can come together as a community. One way we plan on accomplishing this is to form teams for specific video games and compete in intercollegiate leagues, depending on the game.

Finally, DragonLAN also plans to support and promote Philadelphia area LAN parties, eSports gatherings, and other gaming-related groups and events.


These are the values that DragonLAN seeks to uphold in all of its activities and endeavors. Members of the organization should keep them in mind.

  1. Respect - No matter the situation or the setting, a DragonLAN member should always remember to be well-mannered and respectful towards other people, organizations, and Drexel University, regardless of affiliation.
  2. Openness - New ideas should be encouraged and considered. As a group, we should listen to each other and be open to trying new things.
  3. Having Fun - We shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. The main goal of our organization is to bring Drexel’s video game community together, and if we aren’t having fun doing that, we aren’t achieving our goal.

ARTICLE III – Membership

Membership in DragonLAN is open to all undergraduate and graduate students regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, species, or ability. Non-Drexel students may not be considered a member of DragonLAN, but they are welcome to any events that do not specifically restrict attendance to Drexel students.

Members of DragonLAN are considered part of the general body and can vote on issues.

ARTICLE IV – Individual Officer Positions & Elections


The officers (collectively referred to as the “Staff”) are a group of elected members of DragonLAN who hold responsibilities and powers outlined here. Each position has a term of one year, with no term limits.


The President oversees the activities and initiatives of Drexel DragonLAN. Working with the other officers and members of the organization, the President is responsible for laying out their idea for the future of DragonLAN and making a plan to execute that idea. The President will be involved in many shifting roles and responsibilities within the organization, and often wears many hats. The President leads weekly officer meetings and general body meetings. The person holding this position must be a full-time, undergraduate Drexel student.

Vice President

The Vice President assists in administrative tasks and duties and should stand in for the President when the President is not available. The Vice President also works with the President in a number of ways; oversight of other officers, assisting in the planning and execution of events, as well as the other varying roles and responsibilities that an officer in this position must be prepared for. If the President is not available to lead a meeting, the Vice President assumes responsibility. The person holding this position must be a full-time, undergraduate Drexel student.


The treasurer is in charge of managing the club’s finances. They help apply for funding, claim funds after expenses have been incurred (if necessary), and advise on the whether a purchase should be made or not. If the President & Vice President are not available for a weekly or general body meeting, the Treasurer will lead. The person holding this position must be a full-time, undergraduate Drexel student.

eSports Committee Chair/Director, Drexel Dragoons

The eSports Committee is tasked with advancing DragonLAN's mission to promote and develop a community around competitive video gaming. Members consist of the Chair, Drexel Dragoons team members, and anyone else interested in helping with this mission.

The chair directs the future of the Drexel Dragoons as well as the overall eSports vision for DragonLAN, and works with teams as well as other interested stakeholders to advance its mission. The chair is also in charge of finding and recruiting people interested in leading our competitive teams, and working with them to promote their team and recruit teammates. Finally, in the event that a sponsor is interested in supporting our teams, the chair will work with the Business Communication Officer to develop a partnership.


The quartermaster is in charge of all DragonLAN-owned (or temporarily rented) equipment. They will keep an inventory of equipment we own, as well as any supplies or items we get from sponsors, and other miscellaneous items, such as t-shirts. When planning events, the quartermaster works with the LAN committee to figure out what kinds of equipment will be needed and how much of each type (for example, network switches, power strips, and extension cords).

Should there be a need for more equipment, the quartermaster works with the treasurer and other officers to figure out what kind of equipment needs to be bought and how much of it should be purchased. As always, the idea of "borrow or rent before you buy" should be kept in mind.

The quartermaster is also in charge of coordinating equipment loans for smaller events (in the North MPR or Library Learning Terrace, for example).

Console Officer

The console officer is in charge of organizing plans for console gaming at quarterly LAN events and coordinating with volunteers as well as other officers to obtain the equipment needed for a specific event. The officer will also be in charge of working to develop console-oriented events when there is interest.


The secretary is responsible for keeping DragonLAN's operations tidy. Some responsibilities include scheduling officer meetings and general body meetings, reserving space for these meetings, and being involved with DragonLAN's project management tools, including Trello and Google Drive.

Familiarity with the Google Apps suite of web applications (Gmail, Calendar, Docs/Drive, etc.) is extremely valuable.

Stream Team Committee Chair

The Stream Team Committee will be a team of people well-versed in or looking to learn more about streaming as well as broadcasting video game content. They will assist the organization in setting up and running streaming content during events or when it is otherwise deemed useful.

The committee chair is responsible for recruiting interested individuals to the committee. Once the committee is established, the chair will work with the rest of the organization to make streaming and casting resources (people, computers, and other audio/video equipment if necessary) available when needed for DragonLAN/Drexel Dragoons events.

Media Team Committee Chair

The Media Team Committee will be a team of people focused on marketing DragonLAN events as well as the organization itself to the Drexel community and the general public.

The marketing channels available include the DragonLAN website, social media, DragonLAN email newsletters, on-campus digital media (Drexel InfoNET, Drexel community announcements) print media (posters, flyers), Philadelphia-wide media, and more.

The committee chair is responsible for recruiting interested individuals to the committee, coordinating marketing efforts for DragonLAN events, and getting DragonLAN and the Drexel Dragoons involved in promotional events sponsored by the Drexel community (Activities Unlimited, New Student Orientation night events, etc.). They will work with the other officers and committee members to promote our offerings through the aforementioned channels.

Business Communications Officer

The Business Communications Officer is a position that stands to provide a lot of benefit for DragonLAN events. We want to develop relationships with Philadelphia-area as well as national organizations and businesses that stand to benefit from promotion at LAN parties or other video game events, in order to be able to provide our attendees with more reasons for attending our events.

The BCO is the main contact for organizations looking to engage with DragonLAN and talk to us about event sponsorships, co-sponsored events, and other possibilities for partnerships. They work with the President, Vice President, and other officers to develop strategies and discover potential sponsors, but the BCO alone is responsible for communication with external organizations. Professional and prompt communication skills are required for this position.

IT Director

The IT Director is responsible for managing DragonLAN's Information Technology (IT) assets. This includes maintenance of and updates to the DragonLAN website (that other members or officers may not be technically skilled enough to make), organization of documents and files on Google Drive, and researching new Internet tools or services that may help DragonLAN achieve its goals. When a member of the DragonLAN or Drexel communities offers server or other IT infrastructure that may be of use to DragonLAN, the IT Director is responsible for keeping the other officers updated with changes to those offerings.

Some familiarity with programming and related tools such as GitHub are a plus, but are not required.


The election process will occur once a year, towards the end of Spring term. Each officer position including President will be available for self-nomination. Nominees are required to write up a pitch describing why they want the position and what skills and previous experience they may have to offer in that position. After the nomination period ends, members will be encouraged to vote in people for each position.

An annual meeting will be held during the Spring term where the results of the election are announced. The date of the annual meeting will be decided each year by the Staff.

Vote of No Confidence

In the event that DragonLAN leadership is not adhering to the content of this document or is otherwise acting in a way that is irresponsible towards DragonLAN's membership or the Drexel community, a member may call for a vote of no confidence. The organization may continue to run as normal during the vote, but the person targeted by the vote of no confidence may not exercise their powers. Instead, the rest of the staff will assume said duties.

In the event of a vote of no confidence, the other members of the staff must create a poll using CollegiateLink that members can vote on within three (3) days. The vote of no confidence, like elections, must be announced through as many means as possible for maximum visibility and voter turnout. If there is greater than two-thirds (66.6%) vote support to oust the targeted staff member, that member will immediately cease all duties and responsibilities and resign their position. To replace the staff member, nominations will be held immediately for the position aftewards, and an election following regular election guidelines will occur within one (1) more week.



The Staff consists of all DragonLAN Officers and Committee chairpeople.

General Duties, Authority, & Responsibilities

Beyond the individual responsibilities of each officer, the Staff comes together to vote on issues in the organization. In certain cases, the Staff may elect to include the general body in a vote on an issue they deem important to the entire organization.

The Staff also meets to vote on spending and expenses.

In order for the Staff to make an official vote, they must have a two-thirds (66%) supermajority.

ARTICLE VI - Advisors

Primary advisor

The primary advisor required by Drexel for a student organization will be selected by the President, with discussion and suggestions up to the organization members and community. The primary advisor needs to be a full time faculty or staff member.

Filling of vacancies

If the primary advisor gives up their position, DragonLAN will find a new one as soon as possible. Only one organization faculty advisor is required and can be from any university department as-long-as he/she is a full time faculty or staff member, supports the goals and aspirations of the organization, and is interested in facilitating the organization’s goals even more. DragonLAN staff members are in charge of searching for a faculty advisor.

The decision will be made at the closest weekly meeting, along with any interested members. If there are multiple candidates a vote for the selected advisor must be made at this meeting, keeping in mind that none of them is also a viable option; the participants of this vote must include all Staff and attending members. If there is only one candidate, a decision must be made amongst all meeting participants of whether to accept or deny this person.

Finally, after a decision has been made at the meeting, the new advisor can be contacted and invited to join DragonLAN as an advisor.

ARTICLE VII - Standing Committees

State the name, membership, and general duties of each. It is desirable to include a provision for the establishment of additional standing committees at such time as the need for them arises.

Drexel DragonLAN will consist of the following committees. All registered members of the organization are permitted to join these committees. In addition, should the need of any additional official committees arise, the organization must follow standard constitution amendment procedures. In addition, each committee will have a chairperson responsible for the leading the regular activities of the committee.

LAN Committee

The LAN Committee is in charge of organizing and executing DragonLAN’s LAN events. This includes organizing a schedule, finding a place and time for the event, and organizing logistics with relevant officers.

eSports Committee

The eSports committee is in charge of all Drexel Dragoons teams as well as any eSports

Media Team Committee

The Media Team Committee will be a team of people focused on marketing DragonLAN events as well as the organization itself to the Drexel community and the general public.

The marketing channels available include the DragonLAN website, social media, DragonLAN email newsletters, on-campus digital media (Drexel InfoNET, Drexel community announcements) print media (posters, flyers), Philadelphia-wide media, and more.

Stream Team Committee

The Stream Team Committee will be a team of people well-versed in or looking to learn more about streaming as well as broadcasting video game content. They will assist the organization in setting up and running streaming content during events or when it is otherwise deemed useful.


General Body Meetings

A general body meeting will be held once a month, run by the Staff. The general body meeting is open to all DragonLAN members, and is recommended for those who cannot make regular weekly meetings. Scheduling for the meeting is at the Staff’s discretion. During general body meetings, members are updated on the current activities and planned events of DragonLAN. All Staff will be required to update members on individual subjects and topics as part of a group presentation. The topics and subjects each officer is responsible for may change from meeting to meeting. After the general body meeting, the Staff will meet to discuss organizational issues.

Weekly Update Meetings

Once a week, update and discussion meetings will be held. These meetings are also open to all DragonLAN members, and are highly recommended for anyone who wants to be active within the organization. DragonLAN Staff is required to attend weekly meetings. At each meetings, an hour will be devoted to updates and discussion on individual tasks that any member may be responsible for. New ideas for the organization may also be submitted in advance for discussion.

Annual Summary Meeting

An annual meeting previously mentioned in Article IV will occur in order to announce the results of the election. In addition to election result announcements, at the annual meeting, the Treasurer will produce their annual report as is required by Drexel.

Voting and Quorum

In order for a vote to be held at DragonLAN meeting, quorum must be achieved. We will define quorum as the full group of Staff members plus 5 non-Staff members.

In order for an assembled group that meets quorum to pass votes at weekly meetings or general body meetings, A simple majority (50% + 1 person) will let the vote pass.

ARTICLE IX – Finances


Currently, DragonLAN does not require dues from its members.

Funding Process

DragonLAN will operate under any funding processes provided by Drexel, including SAFAC.


DragonLAN can raise funds through methods devised by Staff and the general body.

ARTICLE X – Ratification

In order to ratify this Constitution and any future amendments, the staff will convene at either a weekly meeting or general body meeting to announce the amendment or document being ratified. At the meeting, if the group meets quorum for regular voting, the group may vote to ratify the amendment or document. The ratification vote requires a two-thirds (66.6%) majority vote.

ARTICLE XI – Amendments

If a staff or general body member of DragonLAN would like to seek to amend the constitution, they must submit an email to the DragonLAN staff outlining the amendment and why they support it. Within one week, at the next meeting, DragonLAN Staff must introduce the amendment for discussion. If the group at the meeting meets quorum requirements, the group may follow ratification guidelines to amend the constitution.

When amending the constitution, the amendment itself will be appended to the constitution, and the relevant parts of the original document will be edited. Previous versions of the constitution will be logged.

ARTICLE XIII – Dissolution

The organization can only be dissolved at the end of a term by vote or by the request of the office of campus activities. For the organization to voluntarily disband, the Staff must unanimously vote to disband the organization and two-thirds (66.6%) of the voting members of the organization must vote approving dissolution of the chapter.