THIS APPLICATION is approved as of the Date (“Effective Date”), by Member Name1, Member Name2 and Member Name3 collectively referred to as the, "Members".

For the purposes of this application, "Recipient" or collectively "Recipients" refers to the person or people who are to be presented with a "CX Studios Non-Disclosure Agreement".

Purpose for Disclosure (“Business Purpose”): Give some thought to describing the business purpose so that it is not overly broad or nebulous

The Members hereby agree as follows:

1. Only the explicit content documented in this application form may be included in a valid, "CX Studios Non-Disclosure Agreement" between the Recipient(s) and Members.

2. The Recipient(s) of the outlined, "CX Studios Non-Disclosure Agreement" are only to include :

Recipient Name1 Recipient Name2 Recipient Name3 Recipient Name4 Recipient Name5 Recipient Name6

The validity, construction and enforceability of this Application shall be governed in all respects by the law of State. The content of this Application shall control in the event of a conflict with any other agreement between the Members and Recipients with respect to the subject matter hereof.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Members have executed an agreement to approval of this Application as of the date first above written.