Before service, I agree that I am fully responsible for backing up all existing data including but not limited to:

Operating System (OS) Reinstall:

I understand that all data will be deleted when OS is reinstalled.

I understand that SmarterGeek provides operating system reinstalls for the agreed upon fee stated in the estimate, invoice, or other electronic communications. I agree to assume all risk of loss of information, programs, or data from any and all causes or in any way related to or resulting from the service of products by Sender Company. I release Sender Company from any claim or liability related to loss of data for any reason whatsoever, including negligence of Sender Company. I understand that Sender Company will not be held responsible for theft. I understand that Sender Company may install additional software on my computer, including anti-virus, firewall, and anti-spyware, or remove conflicting software (old anti-virus software, etc). I understand that USS will install either iOS, Android, OSX, Linux, Windows XP*, Windows Vista*, or Windows 7* (depending on existing OS that is installed).

*Customer must have valid Windows OS license for computer.

I have read, understand, and agree to the foregoing Limitation of Liability and other terms on the reverse side of this agreement.